'Balungi, passion for beauty from bottle to top ''


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Inspired by the beauty of Uganda and the richness of its materials, 

Balungi accomplished creating an extraordinary brand of products sourced from 

natural, organic, recycled Ugandan materials, such as banana fiber, recycled paper,

 and barkcloth. This company named Balungi is based in Ugandan. It is empowered

 by a dynamic team, a fusion of European and Ugandan designers.

Its goal is designing sustainable products whereby they merge the world of recycled

 materials and the beauty of Uganda’s natural materials. Through all this they 

have managed to offer a wide range of products, from bottle to top.

Balungi Collections

I. Less is more

II. Banana Republic

III. Seed to Bead

IV. Karamojong

Balungi Markets

While waiting patiently for our 

Ugandan based Showroom, we are

 available on a variety of markets.

Balungi Stories

Every product has a story. 

And every product gets more 

value if you know the history 

behind it.  

Balungi Story is a way of 

understanding our products and 

enjoing a journey of beauty.


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